Using the Text Editor


What you see listed are seven blocks that can manipulate your content. If you hover your mouse over any toolbar icon, the icon will display its name, which is also a hint at its function.

Tool bar


Here you will be able to see the code for the body copy. If you are not familiar with HTML, it would be preferable not to use this option.


This block is used to format your Headers and body copy. You should always start with Heading 2. Heading 1 has already been applied to the page. Normal Text should fix text that is not formatted correctly if you should copy and paste from another source.


Makes text more prominent to the reader.


You can italicize a word in a sentence when you want to emphasize it.


Creates a bullet point list.


Will add a link to your text. You can either link to another program, link to an image, or insert a link to another website.

NOTE: When adding an email address, no additional "mailto:" is needed. The site will recognize the email address and add code accordingly.


This block will expand the body copy block the entire width of your screen.