Once you have clicked Entries you'll see Entries/Programs on the site related to your Institution. To create a NEW entry simply click "New entry" to add and new program or click on an existing program to edit it.

Screen shot of CMS

New Entry

If you click "New entry," you will be presented with the screen below. Fill in the fields with your degree program details. Once your finished, click "Save draft and submit for review." If you click "Save draft," your work will be saved to continue on a later date. Once a reviewer approves your entry, you'll receive an email letting you know your program has been approved and is now viewable on the site.

screenshot of craft control panel

The same goes for your Institution pages.

Screen shot of institution dashboard

To Remove and Reenable Entries

Toggle the Enabled switch to the off position (will be grey) and click the "Save draft and submit for review button." Once the edit has been approved the entire will no longer be viewable on the site.

To reenable the entire toggle the Enabled switch to the on position (will be green) then click "Save draft and submit for review button."

screen shot for how to enable programs