What is Georgia ONmyLINE?

Georgia ONmyLINE ( is the system-wide catalog of online courses and programs offered by institutions in the University System of Georgia. The Georgia ONmyLINE catalog is searchable by institution, degree level, academic discipline and mode of delivery. All USG institutions are open to submit online courses and programs for entry into the Georgia ONmyLINE catalog.

Georgia ONmyLINE has taken great pride in offering a service to University System of Georgia institutions, current and prospective students, military, adult learners teachers, and more. Anyone can use the website to search for reputable online programs and courses offered within the 31 USG institutions. The site is a single location where a student’s desired future can be found.

The guidelines provided in the Visual Identity Guide are designed to help to present and protect the Georgia ONmyLINE logo and image. By following consistent guidelines, USG can generate greater recognition of the Georgia ONmyLINE brand.

Visual Identity Guide Objectives

To Provide:

  1. an all-inclusive Visual Identity Guide for institutions who advertise Georgia ONmyLINE.
  2. a tool to support the brand and create consistent presentation of Georgia ONmyLINE.

Name Usage

The standard formatting of the name, Georgia ONmyLINE, has not changed since its creation in 2007. The name is always written in two words, with “ON” and “LINE” capitalized. Any other written usage of Georgia ONmyLINE is incorrect and should be changed to this standard format.

Correct usage of the Georgia ONmyLINE name

Georgia ONmyLINE is a website the public and students use to search for online programs and courses within the 31 USG institutions. The Georgia ONmyLINE name is to be used only for its current purpose.

Incorrect usage of the Georgia ONmyLINE name

  1. Georgia ONmyLINE is not a degree program. Names of degree program should not include the Georgia ONmyLINE name and be advertised as such.
  2. Georgia ONmyLINE is not an institution academic department. Institutions should not name academic departments (ie. College of Nursing, School of Arts & Sciences, Communications Department, etc.) to include the Georgia ONmyLINE name.
  3. Georgia ONmyLINE is not an institution name and does not issue diplomas or certificates.
  4. Georgia ONmyLINE is not an online application to an institution. The website is a search tool for prospective students with links to apply and register on each institution page.
  5. Georgia ONmyLINE is not an academic program collaborative between institutions.

Tagline and Descriptions

A consistent Georgia ONmyLINE brand message is of the utmost importance in growing the brand and usage of Georgia ONmyLINE.


The Georgia ONmyLINE tagline plays a huge part in creating a consistent message. The Tagline, search.find.learn…online, is the base of the website and is a simple description of the goal. Below is the correct format for the written Tagline.

Please see the official Tagline Font in Typography.


In the event that a description of Georgia ONmyLINE is needed, please use one of the following descriptions to best suit your needs.

  1. Search for courses and programs within the University System of Georgia. On Georgia ONmyLINE you can find all the information you’ll need to begin your online learning experience.

  2. Georgia ONmyLINE is a database of online and distance education programs offered through the 31 accredited institutions within the University System of Georgia. Whether you are a busy professional, an adult learner, a military service member, a teacher, a traditional student, or looking to continue your education, Georgia ONmyLINE is the place to search for Georgia public online learning.


The following is the approved color palette for Georgia ONmyLINE, different color formats, appropriate and inappropriate color uses for text legibility.


Georgia ONmyLINE uses four colors: three primary, one secondary. These colors can be used in conjunction with black, white, and/or gray.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Allowed use with following colors:

Palette and text legibility

To ensure contrast and text legibility, below are appropriate and inappropriate uses of the Georgia ONmyLINE color palette.

Appropriate Uses

Below are examples of appropriate uses of text and colors using the Georgia ONmyLINE palette that show acceptable contrast and text legibility:

Inappropriate Uses

Below are examples of in appropriate uses of text and colors using the Georgia ONmyLINE palette that show unacceptable contrast and text legibility:



Text Alignment

When using text for Georgia ONmyLINE material, text should always be aligned to the right, left, or center. However, text should never be justified in a text box.

Primary Text Font

The primary text font of Georgia ONmyLINE is Helvetica Neue. Any of the Helvetica Neue font family can be used.

Acceptable Replacement Fonts

In the event that Helvetica Neue is not available, the following three font options are appropriate replacements.

Serif Secondary Options

If a secondary serif font option becomes necessary, Garamond should be used.

Tagline Font

This is the font used in the Georgia ONmyLINE Tagline is Monotype Corsiva Regular. In the event you need to include the Tagline on flyers or materials, this font should be used and it should not be bold. Do not use font bold or italic.

Digital Communications

Georgia ONmyLINE has a solid and growing presence online. The following places are official communication portals for Georgia ONmyLINE.


Our website is the heart of Georgia ONmyLINE. Future and current students can go here to find information about online programs and courses offered by the USG’s 31 institutions.

Institutions also have an opportunity to share information about their online programs, courses, students, and faculty members. Features are shared on our website and social media channels. To feature something great about your institution, enter your submission here.

Social Media

Georgia ONmyLINE has three official social media portals.


We have created many Georgia ONmyLINE templates for you to share, print, email, etc. to your institutions. You may download and use the documents as needed.


11in x 17in
8.5in x 14in


8.5in x 11in
5.5 x 8.5 (Half Sheet, 2 per page)


5in x 7in
4in x 6 in
3.5 x 5 in


Each package includes a PNG, PDF and EPS of each logo

Primary Logo

With Tagline Download Package
Without Tagline Download Package

Secondary Logos

White Text, for dark color backgrounds
With Tagline: Download Package
Without Tagline: Download Package

Black Text, for white and light color background
With Tagline: Download Package
Without Tagline: Download Package

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