Three WebMBA professors named as the 2013 Best Professors

Each year, graduating students from the Georgia WebMBA program vote for their favorite professor from the 10 they learned from in the program.

In 2013, three professors were awarded this honorable title: Brad Prince, Jack Wei, and Jacqueline Eastman. See what these professors did in their online classrooms to be voted the “Best.”

Brad-Prince-UWGDr. Brad Prince

University of West Georgia professor Brad Price has a desire to connect with his 200 students and making that connection with online students is difficult. He overcomes this challenge in his online WebMBA Management Information Systems course by being a good communicator and making his classes more “human.” He says students will open up in discussions if you respond quickly, care about them, and put forth all the facts and information.

“I was very humbled to be chosen by the students of the WebMBA Program as the Best Professor they had over all of their classes. I know all of the other professors and have a lot of respect for their knowledge and expertise,” said Prince. “To be named by the students was very fulfilling.”

jacquline-eastman-Georgia-SouthernDr. Jacqueline Eastman

Jacqueline Eastman started teaching online courses in 2001. She has learned how to accommodate online students who of¬¬ten work on a different schedule than traditional students. A professor of marketing at Georgia Southern University since 2007, Eastman believes that the best qualities of a good teacher are providing students the skills and opportunities to be life-long learners, have high standards, and be able to demonstrate practical relevance to a course. She taught a number of undergraduate and graduate marketing classes, including 97 WebMBA students in 2013.

“Being voted by the students as a ‘Best Professor’ in the WebMBA program means so much to me,” said Eastman. “The program is made up of excellent faculty so to be considered one of the best in that group is truly an honor.”

Jack-Wei-UWGDr. Jack Wei

Jack Wei believes knowing how to communicate in a classroom and virtual setting, motivating students, and constantly learning are the top qualities of a good teacher. One challenge Wei has had to overcome, moving into online teaching, is the lengthened time it takes to create a quality online class and learning environment. The University of West Georgia marketing professor was also named Best Professor in 2012, which means he follows his own advice and his 215 students notice his efforts.