UWG offers fully-online MSN and Ed.D nursing programs

February 21, 2014

The University of West Georgia School of Nursing is ranked 34th in the nation for “Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs” by U.S. News & World Report. The nationally recognized school now offers two online nursing programs: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Nursing Education, to prepare leaders and educators in the nursing field.

The MSN program has two track options, Nurse Educator and Health Systems Leadership, to train clinical nurse leaders or administrators. The education track addresses curriculum, instructional skills and strategies, education technology, and educational assessment and evaluation. The health systems leadership track is designed to prepare nurse mangers and leaders, as well as clinical nurse leaders (CNLs).

“We embrace a caring philosophy that is reflected in the curriculum and in relationships between students and faculty,” said Dr. Laurie Ware, Professor and Associate Dean Graduate Education Tanner Health System School of Nursing Online. “ Our programs are 100% asynchronous online.”

uwg nursing - Georgia ONmyLINEOne way UWG makes programs asynchronous online is by providing online caring groups that offer elements of evidence-based online education such as frequent feedback, timeliness, reciprocity of caring online, personal connection and empathy, clarity, multiple contacts opportunities, and a reciprocity of caring online.

The Ed.D is a 60-semester hour program created by combined efforts of the UWG School of Nursing and College of Education that prepares nurse educators for the future. Skills attained will include the knowledge and skills in theoretical and analytic approaches to the discovery and application of knowledge in nursing education.

“This (Ed.D) program is the first of its type in Georgia and one of only few in the US. We are preparing to admit a 3rd cohort for fall 2014,” said Ware. Since both of the programs began in 2012, UWG has graduated over 100 students.

For more information about these nursing programs, contact the West Georgia School of Nursing.

uwg nursing - Georgia ONmyLINE

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