Distance Education

Online Students and the Semester Hump

If you’ve been in school for any amount of time, you may have encountered the hump. It’s described as the feeling that there’s no end in sight, the feeling of no motivation, and the stress that midterms are right around the corner but you are in a rut.

This is a normal situation for almost every college student whether in a traditional classroom setting or online. Online learning may present a few challenges, but here are some tips to overcome them.

Tips for online learners

1) Create a support team Teamwork is a huge help when you are climbing the mid-semester hump. When you are in an online classroom, regardless of the number of students in your class, you can still feel alone. But, you can connect with your classmates via video chat to support each other during times of need. Or, start a study group of other online students in different classes at the local library.

2) Find an online tutor Most colleges that provide online colleges also provide online tutoring. If you college does not have online tutoring, there are many other options for you. Even if you think you understand a topic, talking to a tutor can help your mind get moving again. You can ask questions or just have a conversation.

3) Take your computer elsewhere One challenge of being an online student is your classroom is on a computer. The students don’t change, the room arrangement doesn’t change, the decoration doesn’t change, and you don’t get to change your location. Take your computer to a new place. Check out a local coffee shop, go to the library, or visit anywhere in your community with a secure Internet connection. A new location will give your brain a new perspective.