Distance Education

How is Online Learning Green?

April 21, 2015

Earth Day is a special day for celebrating what our environment does for us every day. From creating food to providing oxygen, the earth is always doing something for our well-being.

While online learning is also catering to our well being, it’s also a way for you to give back to the earth. Online learning falls in line with a few of the objectives of Earth Day.

Less Paper and Textbooks

A traditional college classroom setting can produce a lot of paper. With handouts, tests, printing out papers to turn in, and of course textbooks. It’s not uncommon for a student to go through a ream of paper each year, sometimes more. The best part about online learning is all that paper is replaced with digital file uploads. When students and professors save paper, they are saving trees!

In an online environment, textbooks can be viewed in digital formats. If digital formats are not available, recycling textbooks with rentals can also be a more “green” and usually cost-effective way of using standard textbooks.

Less Driving

Online students rarely or never have to drive to a college campus. That may not mean much if you near a college campus, but it means you don’t have to buy fuel, which saves money, and you don’t cause more emissions. Double win!

Online Resources

For online students, online resources are available which reduces paper, driving, and use of campus resources. This helps the environment, helps the campus save money, and helps the student save money. Online students can get research materials through online libraries or get assistance from online tutoring. If a student does go to the library, it’s also a recycling service for books.

USG Programs relating to the environment

Have you every considered a degree protecting and understanding Mother Earth? The University System of Georgia (USG) provides many programs relating to the environment. Here are some online programs of interest: