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Georgia Career Information Center: Future career planning

Georgia Career Information Center

Before you go to college, while you’re in college, and after you graduate, there’s always looming questions about your future career. What do I need? Where do I begin? What should I do? What does my career of choice require for success? To answer those questions, you must first get all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Georgia Career Information Center (GCIC) is a research and outreach center located at Georgia State University that can answer questions about career choices and planning. The center partners with various public, private, state and national agencies to provide career management information and services for students, counselors, career advisors, administrators, and industry professionals.

Under the umbrella of GCIC, there are two programs:

Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)

GCIS provides assessments, explorations, and search strategies for career and educational information. These tools provide vital career information to Georgia’s students from elementary school to high school, colleges and universities, and numerous state agencies.

Users of GCIS have access to My Portfolio, an online, personal career folder. Users store career research, educational plans, interest inventory, as well as achievement information like personal plans, accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and more.

To get access to GCIS, those interested should contact their school counselor or administrator for the username and password.

Georgia Career Information Services Junior (GCIS Junior)

GCIS Junior is the ideal program for elementary and middle school students and special populations. The program offers career development that allows students to find out more about themselves, to plan for their future, and to start setting plans in motion. Students create career and course plans, and can build their education and work history over time.

To get access to GCIS Junior, students should contact their school counselor or administrator for the username and password.