Graduate Certificate in Organizational Coaching

University of Georgia
Degree Level Certificate
Total Credit Hours 18

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Organization Coaching is a desirable, complementary credential for students pursuing a graduate degree in adult learning, leadership, and organization development, as well as those in other fields who want to be a certified organization coach.

To date, no other institutions of higher education in Georgia offer explicit and focused training in organization coaching as part of their graduate degree program or as a stand-alone graduate certificate program.

The content of this certificate was designed to align with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching certification standards. By adhering to these standards, individuals who complete the certificate program are prepared to implement evidence-based and instructionally-effective practices for coaching individuals and teams.

Attractive for professionals looking for graduate-level professional development related specifically to coaching individuals and teams in organizations Pairs well with many graduate degrees Coaching credential allows students to provide developmental coaching to executives, teams, leaders, and others in organizations Organization coaching is interdisciplinary Response to a growing demand for organization and executive coaching certification

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