Master of Science with a Major in Software Engineering

Kennesaw State University
Degree Level Masters
Total Credit Hours 36
Per Credit Hour Cost $383.00
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Program Description

The Master of Science in Software Engineering program (MSSWE) consists of seven required core courses, three or four electives, and a capstone experience. For the capstone experience, students can choose either a project or thesis option to complete their degree.

For the project option, students complete four elective courses and a software engineering capstone project. For the thesis option, students complete three elective courses as well as two semesters of thesis.

Students entering the program must have at least a bachelor's degree, preferably in computing or a closely related field. Students who have an undergraduate degree in an area outside of computing may be admitted, but may be required to complete up to five graduate-level foundation courses as a prerequisite to beginning courses in the major. As an alternative, students without a strong computing background may enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering Foundations.

Students with a degree in a computing discipline other than software engineering may also be assigned one or two fundamentals courses based on a review of the student's transcripts, credentials, and experience.

Admissions Information