Specialist of Teacher Leadership Endorsement - Stand-Alone and Embedded

Kennesaw State University
Degree Level Education Specialist
Total Credit Hours 33
Per Credit Hour Cost $383.00

Program Description

In addition to earning advanced degrees in discipline areas, the GaPSC has identified three fields for educators to upgrade their certification; teacher leadership is one such area. The purpose of the Teacher Leadership Program standard is to prepare classroom teachers to develop as leaders in their schools and school systems resulting in a Service (S) certificate in Teacher Leadership. Importantly, the degree prepares candidates for a variety of career choices.

The EDS in Teacher Leadership provides degree candidates with nine (9) credit hours of "pure" leadership coursework. Additionally, candidates acquire another nine (9) hours in coursework designed to assist them in leading professional learning, technology initiatives, and supervise other educators. Candidates complete their program with a three (3) hour residency project, requiring them to work with a site-based team implementing a meaningful leadership-oriented project within their school.

Admissions Information