Industrial Engineering--Quality Principles

Kennesaw State University
Degree Level Bachelors
Total Credit Hours 15
Per Credit Hour Cost $null

Program Description

To be eligible for a Minor in Industrial Engineering Technology (IET) Quality Principles, the student must complete the following courses. This minor is offered by the Department of Systems & Industrial Engineering.

Student outcomes (depending on choices of classes taken)

  1. To prepare graduates with the fundamentals of quality principles
  2. To apply statistics toward quality cases (IET2227)
  3. To apply control systems to measure quality (IET3339)
  4. To design quality systems with quality concepts learned (IET3356)
  5. To understand the application of six sigma principles with lean manufacturing (IET3407)
  6. Be capable of managing a quality systems project (IET4135)
  7. Be capable of applying operations management & research (IET4151, IET4405)
  8. To prepare students with the foundation for lifelong learning

Admissions Information