Graduate Certificate In Computer Science Foundations

Kennesaw State University
Degree Level Certificate
Total Credit Hours 15
Per Credit Hour Cost $383.00
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Program Description

The MSCS program serves two audiences: the student of computer science with a research-oriented program; and the industry practitioner with an applied program. In order to serve these two audiences, the program has a thesis option, a variety of applied tracks, an Interdisciplinary Study option, and a Technology Commercialization option. This graduate certificate serves the practitioner with a foundations-building graduate certificate for the student without an undergraduate degree in the discipline.

The Graduate Certificate in CS Foundations develops a breadth of knowledge across the computer science discipline, necessary to sustain graduate study in computer science. The MS CS Admissions Committee may optionally conditionally admit applicants lacking foundational knowledge in computer science, with the requirement to complete this certificate program.

Admissions Information