Associate of Arts, Core Curriculum-Sociology Advising Pathway

Albany State University
Degree Level Associate
Total Credit Hours 62-65
Per Credit Hour Cost $95.00
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Program Description

Sociology is the scientific study of human groups and group life. Sociologists search for answers to many provoking questions.

  • Why do couples quarrel?
  • What are the conditions for a stable family?
  • How are the elderly treated?
  • Who rules what and why?
  • Why is there so much poverty?
  • What role does the military play?
  • Do all peoples have the same access to the means of production?
  • What effect do levels of inequality have on children?

Sociologists understand that lives do not happen in a vacuum but that influences exist and have impact. As such, students of sociology are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’, identifying and appreciating these influences.Please remove. No longer offered.