Associate of Science, Core Curriculum - Health Sciences Pathway

Albany State University
Degree Level Associate
Total Credit Hours 60-63
Per Credit Hour Cost $95.00

Program Description

The purpose of the degree in health science is to prepare graduates to enter the workforce (career program) or pursue further education in a variety of health care fields. The A.S. Health Science advising pathway gives a student the opportunity to complete any general education requirements needed before applying to their preferred career program of choice.

Students who apply to Albany State University who wish to pursue a specific career program must also declare Health Sciences. The student would then be a dual major with the A.S. in Health Sciences advising pathway as the primary major and their career program choice as the secondary major. The courses to be completed for the degree will vary based on the student’s preferred career program area of study. If a student gains acceptance into a career program, the student's major will be changed accordingly. If a student is not accepted, he or she may continue taking courses to complete the A.S. Health Science advising pathway and will be in a great position to continue his or her academic journey towards a B.S. Degree or still apply to a health career program.

Please Note: The courses to be completed for the degree will vary based on the student’s preferred area of study which is referred to as the “pathway” for the career program of choice.

All career programs have a selective admissions process. This means that a seat in any program is awarded only to the top applicants. Simply meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to a program.

Admissions Information