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Course Details

Course Information: ITFN 1401 90 – Undergraduate, 3 credits (semester)
Subject: Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
Enrollment: 30 
Term Registration DeadlineCourse Start Course End
Fall 2019 08/15/2019  08/10/2019  12/09/2019 

Special Attendance Requirements

Entirely at a distance. This course is delivered 100% through distance education technology. No visits to campus or designated site are required.  

Method of Course Instruction

The course is delivered primarily through Internet.  

Course Description

This course will focuses on the hands-on business of writing HTML code, knowledge of basic control structures, language syntax, and file structures. Students will learn to plan and design web sites for target audiences. Students will learn techniques for client interfacing, project development, and web page mock-up. A best practices didactic will focus on hypertext design and navigation, application interface, copyright and ownership issues, ethics, and privacy, licensing and trademark issues.  

Course Prerequisites

( WBIT 1100 Or ITFN 1101 ) And ( MATH 1101 Or MATH 1111 Or MATH 1112 Or MATH 1112A Or MATH 1113 Or MATH 1241 Or MATH 1501 ) And ENGL 1101  

Admissions and Registration Information

Student must be admitted to the institution to enroll in this course. The admission process can be handled via the Web. Student can register for this course via the Web.  

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Estimated Tuition and Fees **

 In-State Out-of-State Electronic Rate*
Tuition: $ 660.00
Fees: $ 307.00 $ 307.00

* The cost of an Electronic Rate course is the same regardless of residency.

** These rates are averages of tuition rate and student fees. Actual tuition costs may vary, based on number of courses taken, student level and student major. Please be sure to contact the college or university for your specific tuition and fee amounts.


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