Engineering Economic Analysis
Kennesaw State University

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Course Information: ENGR 3325 05 – Undergraduate, 3 credits (semester)
Subject: Engineering
Enrollment: 51 
Term Registration DeadlineCourse Start Course End
Spring 2019 01/13/2019  01/07/2019  05/06/2019 

Special Attendance Requirements

Partially at a distance. Between 51% and 95% of class sessions are delivered via distance education technology, but some visits to a classroom or designated instructional site are required.  

Method of Course Instruction

The course is delivered primarily through Internet.  

Course Description

Students learn the time value of money and the basic tools used in engineering economic decision making. The tools include engineering factor notation, algebraic formulas, and Excel functionality. The time value effect is studied as equivalences for present worth, annual worth, or future worth evaluations. Useful algorithms are presented for making sound economic investment decisions involving replacement theory, risk analysis, depreciation, tax incentives, rate of return, cost benefit ratio, return on investment, and economic service life.  

Course Prerequisites

EXXX Y Or ( ( MATH 1190 And Engineering Standing Y ) )  

Admissions and Registration Information

Student must be admitted to the institution to enroll in this course. The admission process can be handled via the Web. Student can register for this course via the Web.  

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Tuition: $ 531.99
Fees: $ 1,065.00

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