Intro Computers & Programming
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Course Details

Course Information: CSCI 1101 A – Undergraduate, 3 credits (semester)
Subject: Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
Enrollment: 30 
Term Registration DeadlineCourse Start Course End
Fall 2019 08/21/2019  08/19/2019  12/09/2019 

Special Attendance Requirements

Entirely at a distance. This course is delivered 100% through distance education technology. No visits to campus or designated site are required.  

Method of Course Instruction

The course is delivered primarily through Internet.  

Course Description

Prerequisite: Exemption from or completion of Learning Support Math and Reading. Note: Typing skills are not required, but are extremely useful for this class. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.0 to be considered for the online version of this course. Credit Hours: (3-0-3). An overview of computers and an introduction to programming introducing the history of computing, number systems, data representation, gates and circuits, computing components, von Neumann architecture, machine language, operating systems, networks, text editors, the Internet, email, file storage, simple data types, program control structures, and logic operators.  

Course Prerequisites

Learning Support Math Reqmt 2  

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course students should have an understanding of email and the Gordon College network, text editors, number systems, hardware components of a computer system, the internet and Word Wide Web, C programming, sequential statements, conditional statements, and repretitive statements. See http://www.gdn.edu/Faculty/sglenn/syllabus1101Spring2008.htm for details.  

Required Materials

Textbooks Computer Science Illuminated by neil Dale and John Lewis, 3rd edition, 2007, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, Massachusetts and C Basics by South-Western Computer Education, 2001, Thomson lerning/Course Technology, Cincinnati, Ohio are required. See http://bookstore.gdn.edu/or phone (770) 358-5053. Complete syllabus at http://www.gdn.edu/Faculty/sglenn/syllabus1101Spring2008.htm.  

Admissions and Registration Information

Student must be admitted to the institution to enroll in this course. The admission process can be handled via the Web. Student can register for this course via the Web.  

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Estimated Tuition and Fees **

 In-State Out-of-State Electronic Rate*
Tuition: $ 306.39 $ 1,132.20
Fees: $ 137.49 $ 137.49

* The cost of an Electronic Rate course is the same regardless of residency.

** These rates are averages of tuition rate and student fees. Actual tuition costs may vary, based on number of courses taken, student level and student major. Please be sure to contact the college or university for your specific tuition and fee amounts.

Technical Requirements

Web/CT Vista and The Microsoft Visual C 2003 program required. A computer with the Microsoft Office Powerpoint program installed, speakers, and a broadband internet connection is also required. Will use chat, discussion, and email. See other skills required under Course Objectives at http://www.gdn.edu/Faculty/sglenn/syllabus1101Spring2008.htm. Required on-campus meeting Jan 7 or Jan 10 at 5 PM in Instructional Complex 112. Final exam is given on campus the week of Apr 29-May2. See instructor to choose a date. See http://www.gdn.edu/aboutgordon/mapzoom.asp for campus map.  


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