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Course Details

Course Information: COMM 1100 84G – Undergraduate, 3 credits (semester)
Subject: English Language and Literature/Letters
Term Registration DeadlineCourse Start Course End
Fall 2019 08/23/2019  10/14/2019  12/10/2019 

Special Attendance Requirements

Entirely at a distance. This course is delivered 100% through distance education technology. No visits to campus or designated site are required.  

Method of Course Instruction

The course is delivered primarily through Internet.  

Course Description

This course is a broad approach to oral communication skills including intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, and public speaking. Students in this course will be expected to participate in discussions on a frequent basis, take 12 short online quizzes, complete a variety of unit assignments and take a proctored final exam. For additional course information, visit http://ecore.usg.edu/courses/description.php Prerequisites: none.  

Course Prerequisites

eCore Introduction C  

Learning Objectives

Identify and describe the basic components of the communication model, the various types of communication, the role communication plays to satisfy needs, and the difference between communication and communications (information technology, satellite engineering, etc.). Utilize critical thinking skills to create communicative appeals that are coherent and well adapted to the receiver, stylistically appropriate, and substantively complex. Describe the different ways in which language defines and frames situations. Recognize how different language strategies (such as the use of vivid, evasive, and equivocal language) enhance or undermine communication effectiveness. Describe and analyze the basic strategies for reducing communication anxiety. Identify, analyze, and discuss common listening habits that interfere with effective communication and strategies for improving listening skills. Analyze the fundamental dimensions of cultural diversity (demographic, regional, and ideological) as they relate to communication. Discuss the ethical aspects of communication. Identify and explain the major theories of human communication and persuasion in interpersonal, small group, and public communication contexts. Observe, explain, and apply the major concepts used to describe interpersonal processes, including the evolution of the self-concept, relational development, listening, and conflict management. Observe, explain, and apply the major concepts used to describe small group processes, including group characteristics, decision making, roles, and norms of interaction. Observe and utilize the recommended strategies for developing and delivering and evaluating effective public presentations.  

Required Materials

For a list of required materials, visit the eCore Courses Textbook page at http://ecore.usg.edu/courses/textbooks.php.  

Admissions and Registration Information

Student must be admitted to the institution to enroll in this course. The admission process can be handled via the Web. Student can register for this course via the Web.  

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 In-State Out-of-State Electronic Rate*
Tuition: $ 648.00
Fees: $ 176.00

* The cost of an Electronic Rate course is the same regardless of residency.

** These rates are averages of tuition rate and student fees. Actual tuition costs may vary, based on number of courses taken, student level and student major. Please be sure to contact the college or university for your specific tuition and fee amounts.

Technical Requirements

Access to a webcam with microphone, video camera, or computer with camera preinstalled (such as a MacBook or iMac) and headset (headphone and mic), or microphone and speakers are required.  


Please direct questions about admission requirements, tuition, financial aid and credit transfer to Georgia Southwestern State University.