Introduction to Programming II
Georgia Southwestern State University

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Course Information: CSCI 1302 02 – Undergraduate, 4 credits (semester)
Subject: Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
Enrollment: Check with institution. 
Term Registration DeadlineCourse Start Course End
Fall 2019 08/23/2019  08/19/2019  12/11/2019 

Special Attendance Requirements

Distance delivery. More than 95% of class sessions are delivered via distance education technology. This course may require that students travel to campus or other designated site to attend an orientation, take exams, or participate in other on-site experience.  

Method of Course Instruction

The course is delivered primarily through Internet.  

Course Description

This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Programming I class using the C#.NET programming language. Topics to be covered include arrays and collections, windows programming, event based programming, handling exceptions, and working with files and databases. (4-0-4)  

Course Prerequisites

CSCI 1301 Or CSC 220  

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to design and implement complex programs using abstract classes, and program using arrays and collections, windows programming, event-based programming, exception handling, file streams, and database access.  

Required Materials

C# Programming, Barbara Doyle, ISBN 978-1-4239-0146-4 Thomson. You will also need a USB Flash Drive (preferred) or a minimum of 3 diskettes properly labeled.  

Admissions and Registration Information

Student must be admitted to the institution to enroll in this course. The admission process can be handled via the Web. Student can register for this course via the Web.  

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Tuition: $ 864.00
Fees: $ 176.00

* The cost of an Electronic Rate course is the same regardless of residency.

** These rates are averages of tuition rate and student fees. Actual tuition costs may vary, based on number of courses taken, student level and student major. Please be sure to contact the college or university for your specific tuition and fee amounts.

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