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Subject:   Public Administration and Social Service Professions

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Course Title Institution Course ID Level/Credits Starts Term 
Administrative Ethics Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6615 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Administrative Law College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 3040 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Capstone Project Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6700 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Capstone Seminar in Pub Admin University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7410 OLAGraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Career Assessment Project Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6689 W01Graduate, 101/06/2020Spring 2020
Child Welfare & Family Service Georgia Southern UniversitySOCI 4231 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
City Management Columbus State UniversityMPAG 7555 V01Graduate, 301/16/2020Spring 2020
Collaboration University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7670 OLAGraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Contemporary Issues in Aging University of North GeorgiaSOCI 5481 OL3Graduate, 307/01/2020Summer 2020
Contemporary Issues in Aging University of North GeorgiaSOCI 3481 OL1Undergraduate, 307/01/2020Summer 2020
Contemporary Policy Issues Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 3733 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Contexts of Aging University of North GeorgiaHSDA 6100 OL2Graduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Cross-Cultural Psychology University of North GeorgiaPSYC 3103 OL1Undergraduate, 305/18/2020Summer 2020
Decision Tools for Public Mgmt College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 3100 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Directed Reading Augusta UniversityPADM 7000 A3Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Environmental Policy College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 4270 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Ethics and Leadership Dalton State CollegeORGL 2800 50EUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Family Violence University of North GeorgiaCRJU 6350 OLAGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Family Violence University of North GeorgiaCRJU 4350 OLAUndergraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Fin Mgmt for Nonprofit Org Augusta UniversityPADM 6301 WEBGraduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Financial Management for Nonpr Augusta UniversityPOLS 4051 WEBUndergraduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Foundations of Public Admin University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7202 OLGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Foundations of Public Admin University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7202 OLBGraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Governmental Relations Kennesaw State UniversityPAD 6450 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
History of Social Welfare Dalton State CollegeSOWK 2102 01OUndergraduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Human Capital Mgmt Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 4233 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Information & Operations Mgmt University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7660 OLAGraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
International Environ Policy Kennesaw State UniversityPAD 7140 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Internship in Public Service University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7980 OLAGraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Intro to Human Services Gordon State CollegeHUSV 2101 AUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Intro to Nonprofit Management Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 3631 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Intro to Public Administration Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 2231 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Introduction to Social Work University of North GeorgiaSOWK 2000 OL2Undergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Leadership & Innovation Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 4331 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Leadership & Org Theory University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7200 OLGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Leadership & Org Theory University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7200 OLAGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Legal & Ethical Issues in HS Gordon State CollegeHUSV 4030 AUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Legal Environment of Admin Columbus State UniversityMPAC 7156 V01Graduate, 301/16/2020Spring 2020
Legal/Ethic Enviro of Pub Admn University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7360 OLGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
MPA Comprehensive Examination Columbus State UniversityMPAC 7000 V01Graduate, 01/16/2020Spring 2020
Nonprofit Governance & Admin Kennesaw State UniversityPAD 7180 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Children in Crises Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 4000 02Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Cu Comp Resp Prac in PS Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3005 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Env Politics & Policy Middle Georgia State UniversityPOLS 3944 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Intro to Public Admin Middle Georgia State UniversityPOLS 2601 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Intro to Social Work Middle Georgia State UniversitySOCW 2215 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Psyc. Testing Middle Georgia State UniversityPSYC 4030 02Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
ONLINE Research Methods Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3020 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
P-ONLINE Conflict Res and Neg Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3040 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
P-ONLINE Conflict Reso and Neg Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3040 03Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
P-ONLINE Soc Con/PS Ag Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3001 01Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
P-ONLINE Soc Cont/PS Ag Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3001 03Undergraduate, 301/08/2020Spring 2020
Planning and Evaluation College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 4210 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Policy Analysis Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6601 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Policy Analysis Kennesaw State UniversityPAD 6500 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Prin of Public Mangement College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 3000 02WUndergraduate, 303/06/2020Spring 2020
Prin of Public Mangement College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 3000 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Pub-Priv Partnr-intern Admin Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 5660 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Publ Budgeting/Financial Admin Columbus State UniversityMPAC 7126 V01Graduate, 301/16/2020Spring 2020
Public Admin & Public Service Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6538 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Public Budgeting University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7300 OLAGraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Public Finance & Budgeting Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6578 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Public Organization Theory Kennesaw State UniversityPAD 6300 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Public Personnel Administratio University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7380 OLGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Public Policy Analysis University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7320 OLGraduate, 306/01/2020Summer 2020
Public Values and Ethics Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 4232 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Research Methods Georgia College & State UniversityPUAD 6606 W01Graduate, 301/06/2020Spring 2020
Research Methods & Eval Georgia Southern UniversityPBAD 4235 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Research Methods for Admin Columbus State UniversityMPAC 7136 V01Graduate, 301/16/2020Spring 2020
Research Practicum University of North GeorgiaPOLS 7500 OL1Graduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Resource Dev & MRKT Nonprofit College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 4220 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Senior Seminar College of Coastal GeorgiaPUBM 4910 01WUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Soc Welfare Pol & Ser Georgia Southern UniversitySOCI 4232 01FUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Spec Topics in HS Leadership Gordon State CollegeHUSV 4081 AUndergraduate, 301/13/2020Spring 2020
Survey of Public Admin Columbus State UniversityMPAC 7106 V01Graduate, 301/16/2020Spring 2020
V-CON P-ONLINE Crisis Mgmt Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3050 01BUndergraduate, 303/04/2020Spring 2020
V-CON P-ONLINE Crisis Mgmt Middle Georgia State UniversityPBSV 3050 01AUndergraduate, 303/04/2020Spring 2020

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