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It’s time to Refresh

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Life sometimes brings hurdles and challenges we must overcome. Sometimes life also brings us opportunities. Sometimes the opportunities are lost within us, sometimes they aren’t obvious, and sometimes we need a little push to see them.

Georgia ONmyLINE is embarking on a year-long adventure to help you discover your education and career potential and:

  • Find a program that can refresh your education and career.
  • Update your resume.
  • Improve your study habits.
  • Reroute your journey in life.
  • Reshape your attitude.
  • Rediscover your dreams.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come equipped with a personal refresh button like your browser. But with a little help and a little motivation, you can be your own refresh button.

Georgia ONmyLINE is connected to educational initiatives in the University System of Georgia (USG), including:

Start your journey to REFRESH!

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