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Subject:   Security and Protective Services

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Course Title Institution Course ID Level/Credits Starts Term 
Administration and Management in Justice Systems Columbus State UniversityMPAJ 7167 V01Graduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Adv. Prin. Safety and Survival East Georgia State CollegeFESA 3107 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Advanced Criminological Theory Dalton State CollegeCRJU 4750 01HUndergraduate, 308/11/2017Fall 2017
Advanced Law Enforcement Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 7703 W01Graduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Campus Crime University of West GeorgiaCRIM 4280 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Community Risk Reduction East Georgia State CollegeFESA 3104 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Comp World Crim Just Systems Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 4531 02FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Corporate & White Collar Crime University of West GeorgiaCRIM 4650 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Correctional Practices and Problems Columbus State UniversityMPAJ 7126 V01Graduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Corrections Dalton State CollegeCRJU 3300 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Corrections Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 2311 W1Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
Corrections Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3331 05FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Corrections Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3332 W02Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Corrections Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3332 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Counter Terrorism Clayton State UniversityHSEM 3500 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Courts & Criminal Procedures Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 2701 W1Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
Courts and Basic Criminal Proc East Georgia State CollegeCRJU 2701 0Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Courts in the United States Clayton State UniversityCRJU 3400 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Crim Just Research Methodology Dalton State CollegeCRJU 3700 01HUndergraduate, 308/11/2017Fall 2017
Crim Justice Research Design Georgia College & State UniversityCRJU 6605 W01Graduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Crim Proc and Evidence Columbus State UniversityCRJU 2146 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Crime in the US Clayton State UniversityCRJU 5010 90Graduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Behavior Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3233 03FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Behavior Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3233 01FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Courts Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3300 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Investigation I Dalton State CollegeCRJU 3500 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Investigation I Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 3500 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Justice Admin Columbus State UniversityCRJU 3146 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Justice Admin Dalton State CollegeCRJU 3600 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Justice Administratio Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 3600 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Justice Capstone Crse Columbus State UniversityCRJU 4210 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Justice Ethics Clayton State UniversityCRJU 4200 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Law Columbus State UniversityCRJU 2145 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Law Dalton State CollegeCRJU 3100 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Law Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 3100 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Criminal Procedure Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3133 01FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Criminology Clayton State UniversityCRJU 3100 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Criminology Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 2411 W1Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
Criminology University of North GeorgiaCRJU 2004 OLAUndergraduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Drug Abuse University of West GeorgiaCRIM 3242 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Drugs Alcohol and Crime Savannah State UniversityCRJU 3521 01Undergraduate, 308/16/2017Fall 2017
Equality, Crime, and Justice Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3733 01FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Ethical Issues in Crim Justice Dalton State CollegeCRJU 4700 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Ethical Issues in Crim Justice Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 4700 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Ethics in Public Service East Georgia State CollegeFESA 3103 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Family Violence University of West GeorgiaCRIM 4232 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
FESA Administration East Georgia State CollegeFESA 3101 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Fire Behavior and Combustion East Georgia State CollegeFESA 2102 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Fire Related Human Behavior East Georgia State CollegeFESA 3111 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Foundation of Criminal Justice Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 1101 W05Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Foundation of Criminal Justice Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 1101 W02Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Foundation of Criminal Justice Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 1101 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Foundation of Criminal Justice Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 1101 W04Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Foundation of Criminal Justice Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 1101 W03Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Homeland Security Clayton State UniversityHSEM 3000 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Homeland Security University of North GeorgiaCRJU 6325 OLAGraduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Homeland Security University of North GeorgiaCRJU 4325 OLAUndergraduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Internship to Criminal Justice Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 4000 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro Crim Investigation Gordon State CollegeCRJU 2005 AUndergraduate, 310/04/2017Fall 2017
Intro Law Enforcement Gordon State CollegeCRJU 2001 AUndergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Clayton State UniversityCRJU 1150 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Columbus State UniversityCRJU 1105 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Dalton State CollegeCRJU 1100 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 1100 S2Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 1100 S5Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 1100 S3Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 1100 01FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 1100 04FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Criminal Justice Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 1100 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Law Enforcement Dalton State CollegeCRJU 2100 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro to Law Enforcement Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 2100 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Intro. to Criminal Justice University of North GeorgiaCRJU 1100 OLAUndergraduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Introduction to Corrections Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 3300 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Introduction to Criminal Just. Augusta UniversityCRJU 1103 WEBUndergraduate, 308/16/2017Fall 2017
Issues in Homeland Security Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3931 03FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Justice and Ethics Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 2131 01FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Juvenile Delinquency University of West GeorgiaCRIM 2245 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Juvenile Justice Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3431 03FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Law and Society University of West GeorgiaCRIM 4712 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Leadership in a Global Society University of West GeorgiaORGL 1100 50EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Legal Issues in Crim Justice Georgia College & State UniversityCRJU 6500 W01Graduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Legal Issues in HSEM Clayton State UniversityHSEM 4700 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Management of Forensics Dalton State CollegeCRJU 4500 01OUndergraduate, 308/11/2017Fall 2017
Natural Disaster Management East Georgia State CollegeFESA 3110 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Organizational Theory & Mgmt Georgia College & State UniversityCRJU 6140 W01Graduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
Police in America Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3310 W02Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Police in America Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3310 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Police in Society University of West GeorgiaCRIM 4277 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Police Org and Operations Columbus State UniversityCRJU 2165 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Policing Georgia Southern UniversityCRJU 3230 01FUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Principles of Emergency Svcs East Georgia State CollegeFESA 2101 WUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Research Methods in CJ Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3301 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Selected Topics in Crim Just Columbus State UniversityCRJU 3555 V01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Senior Capstone Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 4800 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Senior Capstone in CRJU Dalton State CollegeCRJU 4800 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Survey-Criminal Law/Procedures Clayton State UniversityCRJU 3410 90Undergraduate, 308/12/2017Fall 2017
Technology & Criminal Justice Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 3305 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Technology & CyberCrime Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 4305 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Terrorism & Crim Just System Dalton State CollegeCRJU 4210 01HUndergraduate, 308/11/2017Fall 2017
The American Police System Georgia Highlands CollegeCRJU 2111 W1Undergraduate, 308/19/2017Fall 2017
The Criminal Justice System Georgia College & State UniversityCRJU 6100 W01Graduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017
The Judicial Process Dalton State CollegeCRJU 2200 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
The Judicial Process Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 2200 80EUndergraduate, 310/09/2017Fall 2017
Victimology Dalton State CollegeCRJU 3810 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Victimology Georgia Southwestern State UniversityCRJU 3810 01EUndergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Victimology Kennesaw State UniversityCRJU 4430 W01Undergraduate, 308/14/2017Fall 2017
Victimology University of West GeorgiaCRIM 3333 E01Undergraduate, 308/09/2017Fall 2017
Victims Issues in the CJ Sys University of North GeorgiaCRJU 3001 OLAUndergraduate, 308/21/2017Fall 2017

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